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Ion Dissonance drops off tour

Ion Dissonance has dropped off their current U.S. tour with Arsonists Get All The Girls et al. The group has issued the following statement: "We are truly sorry to announce that we have decided to drop off the Malus promoted 'Portals' tour with our friends in AGATG, Within the ruins, And Hell Followed With and Structures. We don't want to waste anybody's time getting into the details of why exactly we have decided to drop off, so lets just say that a certain clothing company did not hold up their end of the promotion deal that was necessary for this tour, and that the shows we played were nowhere near what we had anticipated as a band. "We sincerly appologize to everyone who had planned on coming out to see us and watch us play, as well as all those of you who found out about the show the following day. For those concerned, be assured that internal problems within the band were not a factor in our decision to drop off. The band is doing quite well actually and monatary reasons are the major influence on our decision to go home. "We want to take a minute and give a shout out to everyone participating with the portals tour. Arsonists get all the girls, Within the ruins, And hell followed with, Structures and Destruction of a Rose. You guys are all great dudes and musicians and we miss you all (even Joel). Hopefully the news of our departure will help promote the remaining shows of the tour."

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