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New Metal and Hardcore Releases

Find the newest metal music along with the newest hardcore music each week. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our upcoming releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
This week's new releases:
3/1/2024 A Somber Funeral Summertime Sorrow self-released
3/1/2024 Absit Omen Era of Uncertainty self-released
3/1/2024 Alienist Love/Hate EP UNFD
3/1/2024 Altered Perception The Orbit Between Space And Death EP self-released
3/1/2024 Angmodnes Rot of the Soul Meuse Music Records
3/1/2024 Azell Death Control Rottweiler Records
3/1/2024 Blazar Fatal Cosmic Wound Earsplit PR
3/1/2024 Bruce Dickinson The Mandrake Project BMG
3/1/2024 Cabinet Hydrolysated Ordination Bloody Mountain Records
3/1/2024 Clarion Void Failure In Repetition self-released
3/1/2024 Clouds Taste Satanic 79 A.E. Majestic Mountain Records
3/1/2024 Defocus There Is A Place For Me On Earth Arising Empire
3/1/2024 Devastator Conjurers Of Cruelty Listenable Records
3/1/2024 Enslaved Heimdal (Deluxe Edition) Nuclear Blast Records
3/1/2024 Etoile Filante Mare Tranquillitatis Northern Silence
3/1/2024 Fall of Leviathan In Waves self-released
3/1/2024 Fathomless Ritual Hymns For The Lesser Gods Transcending Obscurity
3/1/2024 Hammok Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once Thirty Something Records
3/1/2024 Hands of Goro Hands of Goro Earsplit PR
3/1/2024 Hellgrimm Sacrifice self-released
3/1/2024 Innersphere In The Shadow of the Sun self-released
3/1/2024 Lesbian Bed Dust Midnight Lust Wormholedeath
3/1/2024 Lunar Spells Sacraments of Necromantical Empires Northern Silence
3/1/2024 Master of Blasphemy Bloodred Realm Kvlt and Kaos Productions
3/1/2024 Messiah Christus Hypercubus High Roller Records
3/1/2024 Ministry Hopiumforthemasses Nuclear Blast Records
3/1/2024 Negative Prayer Self // Wound self-released
3/1/2024 Northern Genocide The Point of No Return Inverse Records
3/1/2024 Pestilential Shadows Devil's Hammer Northern Silence
3/1/2024 Poisoned Seeds Poisoned Seeds EP self-released
3/1/2024 Saturnalia Temple Paradigm Call Listenable Records
3/1/2024 Shallow Waters All Colours Blur To One Meuse Music Records
3/1/2024 Skull Servant Summon Sorceress EP self-released
3/1/2024 Suicidal Angels Profane Prayer Nuclear Blast Records
3/1/2024 Suldusk Anthesis self-released
3/1/2024 Tigers On Opium Psychodrama Heavy Psych Sounds
3/1/2024 Unsufferable Unsufferable Iodine Recordings
3/1/2024 Uzlaga Depthdweller self-released
3/1/2024 Volcandra The Way of Ancients Prosthetic Records
3/1/2024 Vorus Desolate Eternities Loud Rage Music
3/1/2024 Warfield Within Pure Purge EP Vendetta Records
3/1/2024 Waves In Autumn Burning Season self-released
3/1/2024 We Follow The Earth Extinct self-released
3/1/2024 Worst Doubt Immortal Pain DAZE Records
3/1/2024 Zakk Sabbath Doomed Forever Forever Doomed Magnetic Eye Records
3/8/2024 Domain Life's Cold Grasp DAZE Records
3/8/2024 Exhorder Defectum Omnium Nuclear Blast Records
3/8/2024 Gost Prophecy Metal Blade Records
3/8/2024 Grayscale Season Feel Something New self-released
3/8/2024 Grey Skies Fallen Molded By Broken Hands Profound Lore Records
3/8/2024 Kill The Lights Death Melodies Fearless Records
3/8/2024 Merrimack Of Grace And Gravity Season Of Mist
3/8/2024 Midnight Hellish Expectations Metal Blade Records
3/8/2024 Nothing Guilty Of Everything (10 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Relapse Records
3/8/2024 Skeletal Remains Fragments Of The Ageless Century Media Records
3/8/2024 Slimelord Chytridiomycosis Relinquished 20 Buck Spin
3/8/2024 Squid Pisser Vaporize A Neighbor EP SKiN GRAFT Records
3/8/2024 Squid Pisser Vaporize A Tadpole SKiN GRAFT Records
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