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ShadowBlade 144 days ago

Yeah yeah. Keep sounding the alarm on some made up bullshit. Keep posting pictures of yourself for other men to look at. Lol

toxicnacho 144 days ago

Okay Alex the nap Nystrom

ShadowBlade 144 days ago

I'm not this Trind guy. This toxicnacho dork is on some weird crusade to prove that I am. He's an insecure loser with nothing but weed and bad taste in his life.

toxicnacho 144 days ago

Funny story.. He goes by Trind on the board. He has a reputation for being a self admitted minor attracted person and a racist Here is his personal blog. https://www.blogger.com/profile/06817736258393200215

turnstile 179 days ago

you are a hipster🤡 BUGGiN is reppin Chicago sucka' 👟🔥