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shoe_salesman 8/31/2013 7:04:40 PM

not trying to be a dck, but i would appreciate it if you wouldnt call me out in front of my friends on the board, ever since you all left for the facebook board there is a new esholon around here, i'm at the top with webmaster, then everyone else is down below, and then below below is brokenhero and m00k, so just watch what you say for now on, you never know who is feelings you are hurting, f*ck off four eyes

whitey 2/7/2013 10:05:32 AM

Great guy right here! A real beautiful bitch!

flamingo_man 10/6/2011 6:15:28 AM

yo knw what????!@# i f*ckin dronk beca they sy you talk shit bout me???? i nev er talk bad about yu and now im throw up and my eyes i cry, i f*ckING DIE I f*ckING III II III f*ck IM SO

crackthemofuckinskye 9/28/2011 6:45:16 PM

Heyooooo! Just a ringin and a dingin! How's it going Craig? You don't know me...ob-vay-ah-slay. I will be in Philadelphia on Saturday and I thought maybe we could get together and chug down a couple bud lights. Let me know man!

homelessguy 9/24/2011 12:44:22 PM

gumbo-brained tapeworm

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