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lol Portslob lives forever in the memories of the 40 oz's poured out everywhere

evil_hero 310 days ago

Portslob 10 minutes ago You drunk?! You piece of f*cking Mickey Mouse shit!? Watch football ya baseball tossing bitch

evil_hero 314 days ago

HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 3 hours ago he's gonna come out enlightened and under his new name, casting aside the shackles of his slave moniker "deeznuts", Kahlil Shabazz Dartat Al Sinijab

Spork 334 days ago

Is that your defense mechanism talking again since you are a weak-willed little bitch? LOL enjoy spending the rest of your bitter life alone.

Spork 337 days ago

lol at your pathetic life 😆

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