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Currently renting a tiny home known by the locals as the "Kaaba." Peace, love, Gucci.

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evil_hero 16 days ago

Amber 28 seconds ago I would leave my own wedding to get peed on by her in a cheap hotel room

noaone 11/14/2016 10:48:27 AM

a true hero

godfreyj0nes 11/7/2016 12:18:53 PM

Make Lambgoat Great Again!

flush 10/8/2011 3:03:23 AM

dude done created the game.

crackthemofuckinskye 9/30/2011 5:35:03 PM

Swish! Yo bud my name is George! I'm pretty much new to this place and just looking to have a good time! Can you recommend any good tunes? Maybe get me on the cool side of the regulars? Heyooooooo

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