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reality 7/29/2005 4:36:53 PM

the door swings both ways

Amanda_Michelle 7/28/2005 8:21:26 AM

What this is: This is being designed as a "safe place on the Web" for those of us who have been called "gay" at some time or another. // What this isn't: If you are here looking for porno or links to such, sorry to disappoint you, I figure there are already plenty of those type places on the Web

clevelandhardcore 7/27/2005 10:50:40 PM


RonMexico 7/27/2005 7:43:53 PM

i owe this dude a good comment... ahem... c-ck BALLS SHIT pssy

evilgyro 7/26/2005 10:53:59 PM

*thumbs up*

themoustachemassacre 7/23/2005 11:32:01 PM

This dude is alright.

EyesUponReparation 7/23/2005 11:23:30 PM

Good poster, we should e-make out

DisneyDisneyDinosaur 7/23/2005 11:22:34 PM


din 7/23/2005 11:21:55 PM

<Hee Hee

i_shot_myself 7/13/2005 7:29:43 PM

brah dude gots some good taste in music

sawtooth 6/30/2005 9:15:38 AM

did you get the cd i sent you?

noaone 6/26/2005 6:39:41 PM

this guy is the man!

SeveredInTwo 6/23/2005 6:24:44 PM

alright, whenever there is a n00b is sight, you just attack them with full force, and sometimes they make threads saying there never coming back. Plus i just post in their profiles telling them to go f*ck themselves. HELP ME KEEP THIS A N00B FREE LG

hxcobd 6/13/2005 10:34:12 PM

As stated before, you are the f*cking man.

rapistking 6/5/2005 6:47:50 PM

that wasnt so nice

shredmyaxe 6/2/2005 3:14:02 AM

Get the sand out of your crease and move out of your Mom's bastufft gay.

xcthc 5/21/2005 9:25:35 AM

i have a belly button

picturesofme 5/20/2005 5:26:50 PM

this guy likes Minus. and he's cool, too.