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Barbara comments

evil_hero 20 days ago

"No," he insists. "This is... this is f*cking Chili's!" He knocks over a photo display of the couple's trip-'round-the-world.

RudeBoy 33 days ago

Barbara 6 minutes ago f*cking looOOOOser ^ coming from a 5' 10" 113 pound sissy who would get beat up by a 11 year old girl and who has only had sex one time and it was in a 3 way with another guy 😆😆

evil_hero 88 days ago

Barbara 1 hour ago *slides $12 hotdog through hole as payment after halftime blowbang*

evil_hero 175 days ago

Barbara 1 hour ago I thought lurk might be the promoter then you said he was with a babe and not an escaped Chuck E Cheese band member f*cking a ziplock filled with old rags

evil_hero 186 days ago

Barbara 52 minutes ago Didn't know applebees was where the freaks went. I've been wasting my time at Bennigans tf this shall be the opening line of your eulogy

Amber 195 days ago

Barbara 157 days ago Yeah I keep all of my Upper Dick holographic cumshot cards in a nice 3 ring binder

boredtodeath 202 days ago

I dropped my phone and accidentally clicked this link while trying to catch the phone. I'm glad I did, that rat is adorable.

evil_hero 230 days ago

Barbara 1 hour ago he makes his girlfriend call the thrice daily diaper change "going sicko mode" hooooollyy shit bahahahahahahaha

evil_hero 244 days ago

cute n sassy

cumquat 5/10/2021 11:23:31 AM

Sassy girl

vodkaveins 4/27/2021 2:00:52 PM

You little sissy boy. Def Leppard sucks!

easyhateoven 3/30/2021 8:16:40 AM

secksi sassy clever goater <3

d0t_hack 3/27/2021 9:09:26 AM

One of the most smarmy people I've ever had the pleasure of talking too. Your sarcasm is the breath of fresh air I need. Much love my dude.

ridetheanaconda 12/20/2020 6:47:07 PM

Barbara PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carveyournamein 11/14/2020 3:30:37 AM

Did you die?

lurkcity 5/27/2019 10:12:39 AM

#1 lurkcity fan

barbara 5/26/2019 1:30:46 PM

love this guy

brokenhero 1/6/2018 2:21:30 PM


cervical_lancer 9/30/2017 6:10:20 PM

Lick yourself, barb.

D0thack 10/27/2016 10:30:15 AM


vsoccermomv 6/17/2016 10:43:11 AM

Je suis Barbara

Jemenez_Cricket 7/25/2015 2:58:22 PM

I know who you are bitch

genghisjohn 3/25/2013 2:15:36 AM

They're coming to get you

marching_band_rules 11/27/2012 5:21:59 PM