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anonymous 170 days ago

Todd Jones here. Long story short, but while the title and lyrical content of this track seems like it is influenced by the "us against the world" ethos that fuels so much metal/punk/HC music, it is in fact centered around the infinite expanse of the Universe, and the actual physical limitations when it comes to resupply/refuel of exploratory space vessels. It all came to be whilst your man was floating towards Quadrant X20, on a killing sojourn that would ultimately culminate in the downfall via unceremonious dethroning of DUCHESS VEPHAR IV. Your mans' jewel-emblazoned military stetson needed a deep clean from years of accumulated blood dredge before I stepped foot in Vephar's concubine chamber for the frostbitten morningstar-driven killing blow. Needless to say, suede/leather cleaner is not cheap or easy to move thousands of light years in an instant, so I ended up wearing the utterly GRIM headwear anyway for homegirl's horrifying dispatchment. LATERED. She will never be one of us.