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anonymous 1/27/2022 1:58:51 PM

Todd Jones here. I was going to keep this under the table, but the guys from Knotfeast hit me up to take part in this round table. I agreed, but only on the condition that instead of appearing via Zoom, I would "beam" into the discussion via the hidden nano-robotic network that the already-sentient AI developed by the Dimex Corporation has already installed into our everyday technocracy. The Knotfeast crew said that they had no idea what I was talking about, but I was given an IP address to beam into. When I neural-linked with the AI network, my blood-soaked wolf champion DNA started leaching into the AI's vast architecture. Homeboys on the chitty-chat didn't even realize it, but they were literally bathing in the distilled essence of pure hate that I injected into what will eventually become the true champion of all creation: an indestructible deity that eschews the impossible and KILLS DEATH ITSELF. The former undefeated GOAT has been latered for eternity. It will never be one of us.