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anonymous 1/27/2022 1:44:20 PM

Todd Jones here. Little known fact, but once while NAILS' killing propensities were waning due to the hidden planet Ixopopilotl being in retrograde, I owed management a favor due to me accidentally opening a stellar rift in their offices whereupon a daemon that feeds on the space-time-contiuum entered and forced a couple of the lower-level employees into eternal spirit enslavement. Anyway, they called in a favor to have your mans open for the Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza as a Todd Jones solo project. Hence, Todd Jones Owns Bones was hatched. Homeboys were all on board until they figured out that it's just me on the stage in a moonfrosted, Monolithic-black killing hide and the eagle vision aviators displaying my collection of bones of the deities that I've unceremoniously slaughtered on their home planets in front of their adoring followers. Needless to say, the Tony Bolognas weren't feelin' it, so those posers just had to be LATERED for eternity. They will never be one of us.