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anonymous 231 days ago

So I like Tool, APC,& PUSCIFER...The more I read about them & hear. Maynard or read his words- the more i don't like him. I like 10,000 days- but I also mentioned to everyone who would listen- to me & to the certain songs- that they're like Pink Floyd - 10,000days more than Lateralus. Some agreed. I grew up with P.F. & it was so clear on Ten thousand days TO ME. I told my bf that Fear Inoculum sounded like a combination of Lateralus,10,000Days,& a little Puscifer. I still have yet to hear the whole FI. I would love to go to the show- but I have feeling 1 ticket for a seat you don't love but far from hate will cost $75-$85. That's too much. I think $50 is too much but would be willing to pay it. Mostly bc I'm 55 & disabled..this is going to be one of last shows I see. I did get to see Puscifer@ The National in Richmond,VA-2017 Good sound. Kept audience entertained. But Maynard just kinda oozes jerk & intimidator. If they want 2do another LP-they shuld be in studio now. But I doubt it.