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#8 Tim McTague of Underoath

Thursday, May 23, 2019 1:56 AM PT
Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip Podcast Episode #008 Recorded May 21st, 2019 in Tampa, FL. Tim McTague is best known for being the energetic bearded guitar player from Ocala's Underoath, who released a new record "Erase Me" after a hiatus last year. Currently, Tim is in the midst of opening his own brewery, King State in his hometown of Tampa, FL, and on top of all that... he is an "Edge Theorist". Don't know what that is? Don't worry we didn't either, check out the podcast to see what Tim said. 02:01 - What is King State (Tim's Beer/Coffee brand and Brewery) 04:46 - Why name it King State? and Florida talk 11:48 - How Tim got interested in Beer/Coffee and what made them combine the two 15:53 - Juggling King State and Underoath now that the band is back and touring again 19:52 - What does being an "Edge Theorist" mean? (The best question anyone has asked Tim before) 27:00 - Underoath talk / being unemployable. 28:30 - When asked advice from younger fans wanting to be in a band 31:07 - "I don't know anything about music" - Tim's lack of music theory and playing guitar. 38:38 - The rest of the band is self-taught as well / Touring with insane musicians that know theory 40:22 - How has that affected the sound of Underoath, does it hinder you at all? 46:09 - Touring with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Korn, & Alice in Chains and crowd reactions 49:09 - Biggest differences between Breaking Benjamin & Korn type crowds and UO crowds? 52:52 - First time using pre-production and understanding die-hard UO fans reaction to "Erase Me" 58:09 - Drinking & writing "On My Teeth" with Aaron late night in the studio watching NIN music videos 59:52 - "If we do another record, it will not sound like "Erase Me" and why 1:02:43 - Why was "Erase Me" released on Fearless instead of Solid State/Tooth and Nail? Religious reasons? 1:04:52 - Was there ever a point in your career that you thought you've made it? Also working full time while in UO. 1:13:22 - Tim's side band Carrollhood with Nate from Anberlin and Reed from Say Anything For more about Tim & Underoath: @timmctague (Instagram) @underoathband (Instagram) @k1ngSt8 (Instagram) @carrollhood (Instagram) https://underoath777.com/
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