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#5 Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire

Monday, April 22, 2019 12:52 AM PT
Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip Podcast Episode #005 Recorded April 13th, 2019 in Jacksonville, FL. Matt (Matty) Mullins is the vocalist for Memphis May Fire and owner of On Point Pomade. 01:13 - MMF on the Festival Circuit 05:00 - Living in the Northwest moving to the South 09:40 - Growing up in the Spokane Music scene (Knights In Fire & more) 12:05 - Getting married at 18 15:52 - Being a redhead/ginger & bullying 21:52 - EMDR Therapy saves Matty's life 25:39 - Almost crashing in a plane/first panic attack story 36:40 - Has MMF been your only job? 38:50 - The song "Prove Me Right" and Trustkill Records 41:50 - Creating an album as a solo artist compared to a band 43:47 - Why didn't the second solo album come out on Rise Records 45:15 - How Matt's religious upbringing/beliefs cross over into MMF/Music 46:52 - Is MMF a Christian band? 47:34 - How did Matt's pastor Dad take him being in Metal music 49:53 - What happened when Matt's lyrics started to become more vocal about his faith? 51:41 - Has your religious views/lyrics ever been an issue in music or the industry? 56:49 - Friendship with Mattie Montgomery from For Today 58:55 - Tyler Carter (Issues) and the song about Matty "Fame" incident 1:01:18 - Making big mistakes and the Warped Tour "Sluts" incident & the fallout 1:05:27 - What is the biggest misconception about Matty? 1:06:55 - Does touring and being away from your wife help or hinder your marriage? 1:08:09 - Does the band moving to other cities affect the sound of MMF? 1:10:19 - What are the meanings behind the songs: "The Sinner", "No Ordinary Love", & "Vices"? 1:12:40 - Was being the singer of a "Christian-type" band always what you wanted to do? 1:14:20 - Favorite MMF record? Worst MMF record/song? 1:17:56 - Will MMF go back to the old Southern Metal sound? 1:20:31 - Debuting a top 5 album on Billboard 1:25:16 - How do you want to be remembered and Matty's On Point Pomade business For more about Matt & Memphis May Fire: @mattymullins @onpointpomade @memphismayfire http://memphismayfire.com/
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