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#11 Chris Hornbrook of Poison The Well

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 2:20 AM PT
Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip Podcast Episode #011 Recorded July 19th, 2019 in Jacksonville, FL. Chris is most known for his time spent in South Florida metalcore band Poison The Well. But while the band has been on hiatus in 2010 he has moved to California and picked up studio drumming, filled in drums for Senses Fail from 2015-2018, and is currently on tour drumming for Dhani Harrison (Son of Beatles George Harrison). It has been 9 years since Poison The Well released any new music and has only got together a handful of times since then... and probably much like you, we were curious as to when we may have a full return of the band. So we asked. 01:40 - What Chris has been doing since the PTW hiatus 04:40 - When can we expect new music from Poison The Well? 08:00 - Chris would 'love to" release new PTW 10:52 - Why the long hiatus? (2010-Currently) 13:00 - Versions possibly being "virtually unlistenable' and the beginning of the fall of PTW 17:05 - PTW is robbed in Detroit and band morale is at an all-time low 22:30 - 5 years into hiatus, offers start to come back around. Comeback shows (2015-2016). 25:00 - Why Chris steps back from PTW after the reunion shows. 27:20 - Opposite of December turning 20 years old, the possibility of anniversaries tours? 32:05 - Helping further create the "Metalcore" genre. 35:09 - "Do you miss PTW?", Chris would be more excited about where PTW could go. 38:14 - History of the beginning of PTW and A Jealous Issue. (An Acre Lost) 40:55 - Do you regret not keeping two vocalists? 45:09 - Are you guys Metalcore? Hardcore? Post Hardcore? 48:04 - OOD was released in 1999, before Atreyu. Would you say you invented Metalcore? 52:01 - The start of social media (MySpace) helping bring 'Scene' music mainstream. 53:53 - Loudwire ranks Opposite as the 2nd best Metalcore album of all time, do that surprise you? 57:10 - How different would have things been had you not have written, "Nerdy"? 58:41 - How much did it cost to record OOD? Shopping OOD around. 1:02:51 - The transition of PTW's sound from OOD to Tear From The Red 1:05:42 - Botchla first time shooting a music video, seeing yourself on MTV. 1:08:23 - What was the cover song you decided to not put out on TFTR? 1:09:42 - TFTR being pivotal for the band and going forward. 1:13:48 - Outlook on music pirating, did it help PTW overall? 1:16:15 - Signing to Atlantic from Trustkill, Any bad blood with Truskill? 1:18:49 - Master rights for OOD, TFTR, & Distance. Possibly Vinyl re-releases and previous Re-issues. 1:20:55 - Who owns the rights to YCBY, Versions, and Tropic Rot. Any possible vinyl re-releases? 1:24:10 - Working with Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lövström on YCBY 1:27:40 - Significance of the cover art on You Come Before You? 1:28:53 - Strenuous Touring for YCBY and Derek leaves, how did the band push on? 1:31:23 - Splitting with Atlantic Records after releasing PTWs highest chart debut on Billboard. 1:37:01 - Unreleased record with Derek between YCBY and Versions. Did you use any of it on Versions? 1:39:56 - Leaked Demo recordings, the first batch of songs for Versions and songs from I/III, II/III, III/III. 1:44:41 - Did working with Pelle and Eskil more closely on Versions make it sound so different? 1:49:05 - Significance of the Norse subtitles in the "Letter Things" video. 1:50:40 - Experience of writing Tropic Rot in a condemned and haunted bar. 1:52:42 - Working with Ferret Records on the last 2 PTW albums. 1:55:19 - Is PTW technically signed to any label currently? 1:56:24 - Favorite PTW album? Rank them in order. 1:58:52 - Favorite PTW song to play and favorite to listen to? 2:01:45 - Ideal (comeback) tour? 2:04:00 - Why didn't A Jealousy Issue and PTW ever tour together? For more on Chris & Poison The Well: @Chris_Hornbrook (Instagram) @Poison_The_Well (Twitter) @Poison.The.Well (Instagram) http://www.chrishornbrook.com/ https://www.facebook.com/poisonthewell/ Follow Lurk: @lurkcity (IG & Twitter) David Truax Follow Lambgoat: @lambgoat (IG & Twitter) http://facebook.com/lambgoatmusic LG's New Metal Monthly Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/LGNMPlaylist Subscribe / Stream "The Vanflip Podcast" on: iTunes/Apple: http://bit.ly/iTunesVFPodcast Spotify: http://bit.ly/SpotifyVFPodcast Stitcher Radio: http://bit.ly/StitcherVFPodcast TuneIn: http://bit.ly/TuneinVFPodcast Google Play Music: http://bit.ly/GPMVFPodcast RSS Feed: http://bit.ly/RssVFPodcast