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Bloodlined Calligraphy singer quits band

Singer Ellen Hoffman has parted ways with Bloodlined Calligraphy, whom she joined a little more than a year ago. Hoffman explains: "I gave my heart, soul, passion, energy, and life for the past year into something I believed in, something that showed me the country, taught me important and huge lessons, something that drug me through the thickest mud ever, but something that gave me memories and the knowledge of the lives I had been able to reach and change for the better to cling to. Something that shaped me into the better person I am today, with the help from my creator above. But my journey in Bloodlined Calligraphy has come to a nice close. Sometimes you just have to 'know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em', heh. But so I don't have to repeat my reasons a hundred times to everyone that asks: I quit due to personal reasons and stuff beyond my control. I never quit even when I financially should have, until my passion and heart was all used up. Constant disappointment and constant struggle take a toll on a person and sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith into a new path so you can look back and everything make sense that way. That time is now. I followed my heart into the band, I gave what I had until there was nothing left, so now my heart calls me out and into other things. That is just how things work, with me."

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