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The Agonist drops off tour

The Agonist has prematurely dropped off their current tour with Enslaved and Arsis. The following statement has been released by singer Alissa White-Gluz: "So, after desperately trying to make our way through a blizzard's Rocky Mountain terrain to get to our Oregon show and continue the Enslaved tour, we found ourselves stranded in a ditch, with the trailer upside down on it's nose. Yes, we crashed trying to get to a show, but nobody was hurt at all. Our vehicle however, a different story. Long story short, our gear got wrecked, then the van short-fused, we nearly killed a deer (poor thing! - I'm still hyper-ventilating), the wipers broke and we got a flat tire on the trailer while attempting to drive our newly mutated van and trailer combo. Then, I found out that I had yet another family member to bury, the third one since the beginning of tour. I now have missed three funerals in total between the Sonata and Enslaved tour, and given the string of bad luck we decided to cut our losses and head home. So, we apologize greatly for missing those of you on the West Coast and through the lower States, we were looking forward to new fans as well as familiar faces, but we will be back there soon with tons of new material to play. So until then, rock on and keep in touch!"

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