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Arsis shoots new video

Arsis filmed a video last weekend for the track "We Are The Nightmare." The video was directed by David Brodsky (The Red Chord, Gwar) with his crew from MyGoodEye. Allison Woest, producer and editor from MyGoodEye, provided the following details: "We left on Thursday to make the 8 (which somehow turned into 12) hour drive from NY to WV. Friday was the location scout day. James Malone (Arsis) had found this abandoned, rotting church in the sticks somewhere (the area didn't even have a zip code) so we went to scope it out to see what we could get the following day. This place was so nasty and decrepit – an absolutely perfect location to shoot a metal video. After the scout we checked out a couple other ghost towns in the area (because yes, there are several), knocked back a few brews and prepared ourselves for the long day ahead. The next day we shot the video, and some awesome things happened to Jim including getting chased by a pack of wild dogs, and falling through the rotting floor of the church and thankfully caught by one of the crew. Go Jim. The footage ended up coming out awesome anyway, and Jim, Noah, Ryan and Darren are 4 of the funniest, coolest dudes to hang with. I'm glad David (Brodsky, director) and I got to chill with them for a couple of days, go to some terrible food joints ('omelet', anyone?) as well as some good ones, and have an awesome time shooting what will be a sick looking video."

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