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Tusk set to release new album

Official press release: 28 months after the start of initial tracking, 10 months since anyone gave a shit, Tusk is ready to share their magnum opus, their potential swan song, "The Resisting Dreamer," with the world via the Tortuga Recordings of Los Angeles, CA. Two and a half years in the making, "The Resisting Dreamer" is a single 37-minute song divided into four tracks across two sides of vinyl or one side of shiny plastic (depending on your purchasing preference). Original vocalist Jody Minnoch was not available to contribute, but the record benefits from the disparate sounds and intensely talented contributions of Evan Patterson of Young Widows and Toby Driver of Kayo Dot. The two vocalists contributed their own lyrics in tandem and together weave a tale of regret, resentment, and (classic Tusk lyrical theme) descent in madness as the inner worlds of despair and guilt ravage the soul of the album's protagonist, who caves into their nightmarish inner world to ultimately taste "The Lewdness and Frenzy of Surrender." Recorded and mixed by Tusk alum Greg Norman at Electrical Audio studios (during Pelican's "Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw" sessions from midnight to 5 am) and Studio Greg Studios II, the album has a sound and style unlike anything we have attempted in the past. Occasionally groove-laden, occasionally spastic, and often unnerving, "The Resisting Dreamer" is the sound of a band that has absolutely no interest in proving anything to anyone. The new album will be available on November 20th.

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