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KOCH Recs to re-release God Forbid albums

Official press release: KOCH Records has announced the release of Sickness and Misery, a new CD featuring two classic albums by the fore runners of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, God Forbid, on November 6th, 2007. Sickness and Misery will contain both the band's first EP, the out of print Out of Misery, and the band's first full-length album, "Reject the Sickness," combined together into one great package. God Forbid is rapidly becoming one of the top guns in Metal, and the launching pad for the band was their two initial releases Out of Misery and Reject The Sickness. Neither body of work has received the proper treatment it deserves until now as KOCH, in conjunction with the band, put the two releases on one CD and rename it Sickness and Misery. Featuring 16 tracks of sonic brutality these are the tracks that got the band signed these are the classic tracks that first put God Forbid on the map. A must of any God Forbid fan or metal collector, and pimped out with all new artwork, Sickness and Misery is a must for any serious fan of heavy music. God Forbid's Doc Coyle says "All in God Forbid are very excited to re-release these albums. It's an honor to be involved with a renowned label such as KOCH. Although Reject the Sickness and Out of Misery have been released in other modest formats, this is the first proper release with full distribution. I think RTS is a classic in the metalcore genre, that never really had its due, and OOM really gives true God Forbid fans a raw look at the foundation where the band was birthed. Having both releases on the same CD is a great idea! More bang for the buck! This is also the first time either album will see light of day in Europe. For all those who've been bitching about the rarity of these albums, please enjoy!" KOCH Records' VP of Metal Scott Givens adds, "We at KOCH are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with God Forbid and to give these classic releases the exposure they have so long deserved."

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