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Translation Loss Records signs Fight Amp

Translation Loss Records has officially announced the signing of New Jersey's Fight Amp. Here's the official word from the label: "Hailing from New Jersey, Fight Amp channels a sound and presence that harkens the days of old and is reminiscent of the AMREP/dirty dingy side of extreme music. Fight Amp (previously known as Fight Amputation) have spent nearly three and a half years toiling over their sound, traveling the country, self-releasing records, self booking their own massive tours, sweating in basements and sleeping in vans crafting what is now their highly refined and most focused effort to date, as well as their debut Translation Loss release, 'Hungry For Nothing.'" "Hungry For Nothing," recorded by Phillip Cope (Kylesa, Baroness) at the Jam Room in South Carolina, will see an early-2008 release and will also coincide with a full US tour. You can hear a demo version of the song "Dead Is Dead" from the album here.

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