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Century Media Records signs Warbringer

Official press release: In an era when vintage metal t-shirts are in vogue and bands worshiping at the altar of every crossover band that released a demo or EP in the '80s are crawling out of the woodwork, LA thrashers Warbringer are cauterizing the competition with a sound that recalls all the classics without being derivative. Never before has the evil, no-holds barred sound of Baloff-era Exodus, Slayer's Hell Awaits, and Kreator's Pleasure to Kill been revived and revitalized for the 21st century in such a strikingly inspired and pure fashion. After recording their self-released EP to unanimous rave reviews, appearing on the Speed Kills...Again! compilation, playing to thrash-starved crowds across the west coast and attracting serious label interest, they're ready to take the next step with their full-length debut courtesy of their new home worldwide, Century Media Records. Vocalist John Kevill states: "Before we even had this band we all had bought a bunch of metal albums released on CM, so for us to be on this label that has had all these bands we like on it is just awesome!" When pressed about the band's sound, Kevill had the following to say: "We try to keep our songs very compact and tend not have a ton of repetition. Thrash-wise, our primary influence is stuff like mid-era Sacrifice, early Slayer, Demolition Hammer, and Kreator. Heavy and fast! We often have an old-school death metal undertone to our music as well." Check out the band's Myspace page. Coinciding with a national tour in January with Exodus, the band will see the release of their currently untitled debut album. With an even stronger lineup than the EP reflects, the band is already excited about its release. Bill Metoyer, who helped shape legendary albums from the likes of Slayer, D.R.I., Sacred Reich, Hirax, Corrosion of Conformity, Trouble and Flotsam and Jetsam, is now in the studio with Kevill, John Laux (guitar), Adam Carroll (guitar), Andy Laux (bass) and Ryan Bates (drums) producing one of the most vicious debuts that will have longtime metal fans reminiscing and allow younger fans who missed out on the original magic to experience a band that they can call their own. "Working with Bill has been excellent," Kevill states. "He completely gets the kind of sound we are going for. He's an easy guy to work with and has a lot of good input on how to make things sound right. The album has been coming along at a very nice, steady pace and we think it's sounding great so far." While Warbringer has built a rabid local fan base playing with others in the LA thrash revival scene, they're set to join Exodus, Arsis and Goatwhore on a national tour in January. Having already completed a west coast tour with Daath and several shows with Exodus, these young thrash warriors (4 out of the 5 aren't even legal drinking age) are prepared to bring their definitive brand of violent combat thrash to audiences nationwide. "We've been a lot more confident about our live show recently," Kevill says. "We can't wait to take it on the road!"

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