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Hoods drop off tour, seek donations

Sacramento hardcore band Hoods were recently forced to drop off their tour with Agnostic Front. Here's a statement from the band: "Basically, we lost our drummer ben before tour because work/personal conflicts. So we got a temporary drummer to still do the Agnostic Front tour. So about 5 shows into it the dude bounced in southern Indiana. Leading up to that we blew 2 tires, 2 trailor axles, van problems, speeding tickets, ect. To make it short it was fucking hell. Also we owe Eulogy [Recordings] like $2500 for CDs, have a $8200 merch bill, and just in gas for this tour we missed about $3000+. So we're fucked. I think we found a new drummer but without help I doubt we can tour anytime soon. So if you can make a donation please please help us. Any amount is great. We have helped out hundreds of bands over the years and right now we could use the help of the scene. Thank you all so much. If you want to send it snail mail the addy is c/o HOODS 7781 la fiesta way sacramento,ca 95828. To do it direct to PayPal hit: Again, thank you all so much."

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