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As Cities Burn, Alesana tour

As Cities Burn and Alesana will hit the road together later this summer. Here are the dates: dates w/ The Junior Varsity 8/14 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues 8/15 Little Rock, AR @ Vinos 8/16 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown dates w/ Mayday Parade 8/18 Cleveland Heights, OH @ Grog Shop 8/19 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft 8/20 Rockville Center, NY @ Vibe Lounge 8/21 South Hackensack, NJ @ School of Rock 8/23 Dayton, OH @ The Attic Club 8/24 Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club 8/26 DeKalb, IL @ The House Café 8/27 Sauget, IL @ Pop's 8/28 Fayetteville, AR @ The Music Hall dates w/ Poison The Well 8/29 Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory w/ Still Remains 8/30 Wichita, KS @ Eagles Lodge w/ Still Remains 8/31 Columbia, MO @ Blue Note w/ Silverstein 9/1 Joplin, MO @ Foundryfest w/ Silverstein


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manglaze 7/24/2007 3:05:50 PM


xgabex 7/24/2007 3:06:25 PM

i love as cities burn. alesana sucks ass.

die_die_die 7/24/2007 3:10:22 PM

4 views 3 posts. sick gays. die.

chuck 7/24/2007 3:31:01 PM

should be fun.

lartsa 7/24/2007 3:31:07 PM

poison the well doesn't need to tour with this trash.

Fraility 7/24/2007 3:31:23 PM

Will be at every show, not even kidding either.

xBILLfromsteinx 7/24/2007 3:58:55 PM

all the males will be having fun with each other at these shows. fck these gay bands. still remains should be ashamed of themselves.

robert 7/24/2007 4:50:44 PM

Yeah, except SR is just as shitty as the rest of them.

digitalbath 7/24/2007 4:59:03 PM

lol at ptw

deathbedportraits 7/24/2007 5:14:33 PM

poison the well doesn't need to tour with this trash. LOL at this!

holycitybradley 7/24/2007 9:13:14 PM

didn't as cities burn break up or am I thinking of another band that sounds exactly like them

xBILLfromsteinx 7/24/2007 10:00:39 PM

as cities burn broke up Aug'07 but the shitty dudes realized that they couldn't do anything better in life and decided to return to the band (which is signed with universal) so they can get out of debt (they owe a shitload as it is)

bombs_away 7/24/2007 10:28:28 PM

as eden burns >

xshotgunseranadex 7/25/2007 10:06:29 AM

alesana is so fcking gay... i cant even express how much i wished they all had aids and died

bennyedge 7/25/2007 11:50:28 AM

haha acb isnt signed to universal

limpbizkitequalstight 7/25/2007 11:51:07 AM


noneedforxs 7/25/2007 1:37:14 PM

bwahhaha universal....trie solid state

NeedHope 7/25/2007 9:10:37 PM

who they hell thought it would be a good idea to have ASB play with still remains and poison the well?

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