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Zombi's Steve Moore to release solo album

Relapse Records will issue "The Henge," the debut full-length solo album from Zombi's Steve Moore, in late-October. "The Henge" was self-recorded by Moore and advance track titles include: "Infinite Resignation", "Dead Tide", and "Cepheid." Moore describes The Henge and his approach; "This album represents a turning point in my writing - a subtle shift in direction that is only apparent when considering the album as a whole. While no track is too far removed from the harmonic language I create through my work with Zombi, this album gives me a chance to expand my tonal palette by experimenting with different instrumentations." "The album is meant to be viewed as a small step in a new direction, exploring some of the more ambient, drone-oriented ideas I've written over the last couple years." Moore continues; "Although I always enjoy collaborative writing, the challenge of single-handedly developing an idea from conception to completion can sometimes be an even more rewarding experience." In addition to his works with Zombi, Moore has also recorded material with Microwaves and Panthers, as well as been involved in a number of scores for independent horror movies including 'The Redsin Tower' (collaboration with Scott Hull), 'Horror Business', 'Murder-Set-Pieces' (as Zombi), 'Home Sick' (as Zombi) and more. Audio samples of Moore's solo work can be heard here.


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firstha;ldkhnaosidnvo post

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and then...

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fck relapse. im goign to ysi and link that shit all over the internet.

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this dudes good

hotaction 7/24/2007 12:12:21 AM

oops! i mean not enuff sweeps no care eva

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sick lift bro

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