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SPV and Trustkill announce joint venture

Official press release: SPV Records, one of Europe's leading music companies, has announced today the signing of an exclusive joint venture label/distribution agreement with New Jersey-based Trustkill Records. It was announced today by Jay Lansford, A&R of SPV, Ulrike Rudolph, General Manager of SPV, Josh Grabelle, founder of Trustkill, and Robert Dippold General Manager of Trustkill. Under this new agreement, SPV will manufacture/distribute as well as market/promote Trustkill product in Europe, while working closely with Trustkill on further expanding the label's reach in the marketplace, building and extending its brand and helping the company to capitalize on the many new and emerging opportunities across a variety of retail and new media platforms. Over the past ten years, Trustkill Records has emerged from a college dorm room project into the leading authority on metal, hardcore, punk and indie music in the independent sector. In 2006, Trustkill scored five debut albums on the Billboard charts, three of which landed in the "Top 200". These include Bleeding Through, who have combined sales of over 200,000 albums to date, and whose new album, The Truth, released in 2006, debuted at #1 on Billboard's "Top New Artist Chart". Bullet for My Valentine, who also released their debut album in 2006, scored Billboard's "Hotshot Debut" and has since sold over 250,000 copies in the U.S. Trustkill has also successfully diversified into such areas as music publishing, film, mobile, merchandise/e-commerce, and touring. Upcoming releases include new albums from Throwdown, Hopesfall, Bedlight for Blue Eyes among many others. "After 10 years of doing this with various distributors, we are excited to be joining the SPV team," added Josh Grabelle. "SPV approached us at a very strategic time period for us, and I feel that they, above anyone else, really understand our business model, our brand, and goals. With their seamless distribution and label behind us we have huge plans to really take this label into the future and expand our roster, staff, sales on a global level." "The alignment indicates a significant strategic worldwide extension and expansion of an important relationship for Trustkill," commented Trustkill General Manager Robert Dippold. "Our brand serves a perfect musical niche that SPV has built their company on and was seeking to expand upon. I'm confident that SPV's passion for music, expertise, and reputation in marketing and branding artists will make a very formidable combination." "We're very excited to have Trustkill on board with us. Their creativity, artist roster and independent spirit fit perfectly into what we've been building and expanding upon year after year," adds Ulrike Rudolph, Head of SPV Labels. "With Trustkill we reach yet another target audience and can continue to expand, while others claim that the industry is struggling. We're proud to say that we continue to grow."


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whiteknuckles 6/11/2007 10:15:54 AM

"extending its brand and helping the company to capitalize on the many new and emerging opportunities across a variety of retail and new media platforms."

itouchyourkids 6/11/2007 3:22:29 PM

and this matters...?

xMP5Kx 6/11/2007 4:35:52 PM

Whitesnake is on SPV's roster. This couldn't get any better!

fsovercrooks 6/11/2007 5:15:05 PM

no shit to give

forumdrama 6/11/2007 5:47:22 PM t/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=19956 not that this has anything to do with SPV, but it's an old funny article of Sebastian Bach giving massive public pwnage to Josh Trustkill.

Nowonmai 6/12/2007 1:53:44 AM

Trustkill is another label I think that bases it's success on clothing and hair fashion. These days anyway. fck them.

dot357 6/12/2007 5:09:51 AM

"emerging into the leading authority on metal, hardcore, punk and indie music in the independent sector" => Ferret also claims this. Probably Deatwish and Bridge9 too. Trustkill independent? Maybe. Trustkill underground? My ass.

anaturaldisaster 6/12/2007 12:59:11 PM

SPV is a really sketchy label, ever wonder why the last two Sepultura records bombed?

xpoopx 6/12/2007 3:30:56 PM

For a label that claims to be an authority on metal, hardcore, and indie.. Why is it I can only count 3 good releases in recent years. Lame.

emoxfag 6/13/2007 9:54:32 PM

trustkill is such a fitting name for this label.

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