NewsSeptember 6, 2001 11:11 AM ET5,825 views

Drowningman off Converge tour

Today vocalist Simon Brody sent us a statement regarding the current state of Drowningman. We thought it would be best to print his entire statement, so here you go: "After a long summer of touring, Drowningman has collectively found itself in a situation this Fall where we have taken on too many commitments in our upcoming recording projects, our tour with Converge, and in our work, school and personal lives. With all the membership changes we went through in the beginning of this year we've found ourselves struggling to prepare for a number of projects from recording to touring (not to mention putting on Monsterfest in June.) We've begun working on our final full-length for Rev and have decided that we need to give this our full attention for the remainder of the year. The past year has had us cancelling several weeks of tours and some weekend dates. Unfortunately this realization that we need to concentrate on song-writing and not spreading ourselves too thin means that we will not be doing our upcoming dates with Converge in September. As much as we were looking forward to the tour we think that we need some time to re-group to make sure that we make a record that we are truly happy with and that in the future cancelling shows does not become a continuing trend for us. So again apologies to anyone that was looking forward to seeing us on the Converge tour and we will be making up the dates later this year or early in 2002."

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