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Suicide Silence signs w/ Century Media Records

The "rumor" we posted yesterday morning has now been confirmed. Here's the official word: Century Media Records is proud to announce Suicide Silence as the newest addition to its worldwide family. This devastating quintet from Riverside, CA immediately separated themselves from the underground through an undying work ethic and undeniable live performance. The group will enter the studio in March with John Travis (Kid Rock) to record their debut full-length, which is tentatively set for a summer release. Mitch Lucker (vocals) further describes the band's excitement over the new deal: "We're very excited to join such a historic roster alongside so many great metal bands. The Century Media Family is extremely hard working and dedicated to supporting the goals we've set as a band. They have a solid understanding of the direction we're looking to take this band and are just as much our friends as they are our record label at this point. Thank you to everyone who has been with us from the beginning and we can't wait to get back on the road to support the release of our new record later this year. See you all soon." Suicide Silence released a five-song EP for Third Degree Records in 2005, which was the perfect testament to the damage the band is capable of inflicting. Their music clearly represents their many influences, incorporating a savage mix of death metal, grindcore, black metal, hardcore and doom elements into each track. The group's most notable and defining niche is defying the genre's predictable conventions, striving to create something more exciting and unique. The songs are dynamic and crushing, shifting effortlessly from insane grind chaos into surgically precise, disorienting time signatures topped off with snail-paced grooves and destructive breakdowns. Following an acclaimed performance at last year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, Suicide Silence spent the remainder of the summer on their first headlining U.S. run. This would lead immediately into their first U.K. headlining tour, helping them further garner a rabid worldwide underground following. Their buzz quickly caught the attention of promoters nationwide helping them land some opening spots on such major tours as Sepultura to close out the year. In February, the group hit the road with Kataklysm and Sworn Enemy, which will be followed up with a massive U.S. run supporting Bury Your Dead this spring. Suicide Silence adheres to no preconceived notions and refuses to be pigeonholed into any specific genre. The juxtaposition of each member's talents creates an explosive, yet exciting result that is sure to keep the entire scene on their toes and wondering just what is coming next. Expect the boundaries of conventionality to be shattered in 2007 with this dynamic debut release. You can check them out here.

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