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Into The Moat update

Contrary to a few rumors, Into The Moat is still together, and in fact the band hopes to record a new album late this year. Guitarist Kit Wray has issued the following update: "I just thought I'd give a heads up on what we have been up to. Josh has left once more to focus on school. However, we are not looking for a bass player. A long time friend of ours will be lending his bass skills for this upcoming album. Matt, Earl, and I are all focused on work, school, and life in general, but we are not broken up! I'm not sure who started this nasty rumor but we are far from done. We are hard at work on our next album 'The Campaign.' We hope to be in the studio by the end of the year with our dear friend Erik Rutan yet again. Also, we will try to get some MP3's up some time soon."

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