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As Blood Runs Black wrecks van, cancels tour

As Blood Runs Black has dropped off the remainder of their tour with Sworn Enemy, Kataklysm, etc. due to a van accident. Here's a statement from the band: "On Saturday Febuary 24th at approximately 4:30pm ABRB took a life threatning spill. We hit black ice/slush and spun out of control across the highway in the Oregon Mountains. The trailer fish-tailed forcing the van to go in the direction toward the edge of the mountain. We hit like 4 feet of snow forcing us to do a full 180 and down the side of the mountain we go before this tree luckily stopped us from falling to our deaths. We are all blessed to be ALIVE. Despite the accident we somehow still managed to get to our show that night and still played for our fans. Everyone as well as our trailer is OK. Our van is not in any condition to drive and now are forced to cancel the rest of our tour. We deeply apologize to everyone who expected to see us for the remainder of the tour. We promise we will make it up to you guys. We would like to this time to thank everyone who supported us on this tour, the bands we played with, Sworn Enemy, Kataklysm, Suicide Silence, Too Pure To Die, the kids who picked us up to take us to our show, the tow truck driver who pulled our van out the wreck, Donna and her daughter for keeping us warm and giving us rides to where we needed to be during the accident, and Dan for letting us stay at his house. In the time being at home we are going to record a new music video for The Brighter Side Of Suffering, write new material, and prepare everything before we head out on our next tour."

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