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Relapse announces 2007 SXSW showcase

Relapse Records has announced the details for its 2007 South by Southwest (SXSW) label showcase. The showcase, the label's sixth consecutive at SXSW, will be held at Room 710 (710 Red River Street) on Thursday, March 15th and will be open to the public as well as SXSW badge-holders. This year's line-up includes Alabama Thunderpussy (Richmond, VA), Don Caballero (Pittsburgh, PA), Minsk (Peoria/Chicago, IL ), Rwake (Little Rock, AR), a special appearance by Prada Killers (featuring members of Dillinger Escape Plan, Morris Plains, NJ), and one more band to be announced soon. Running order and show time are forthcoming.


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bastardmaker 2/1/2007 12:27:06 PM

Ill be checking this out if it doesnt conflict with hydraheads showcase. first post

Michael_Richards_Secret 2/1/2007 12:27:33 PM

take a dump

jayforklift 2/1/2007 12:37:11 PM

More dudes with beards and I are stoked!

I_AM_FUCK 2/1/2007 1:18:28 PM

Prada Killers is pretty cool.

adam_oshkosh 2/1/2007 1:35:59 PM

minsk and don cab together, awesome

arsonaut 2/1/2007 1:36:48 PM

last band should be Unearthly Trance

dominicon 2/1/2007 2:04:33 PM

dysrhythmia! you fckers better bring them or else!

xthexoncomingxstormx 2/1/2007 2:16:18 PM

i think the other band is gonna be car bomb

TylerStDa 2/1/2007 2:46:07 PM

Prada Killers is the worst name ever.

smokeoutloud 2/1/2007 3:19:34 PM

adam_oshkosh 2/1/2007 1:35:59 PM minsk and don cab together, awesome

Fraility 2/1/2007 6:41:39 PM

I think Simple Plan would fit in well as the last band.

808 2/1/2007 6:42:04 PM

Don Caballero (Pittsburgh, PA), Minsk (Peoria/Chicago, IL ), Minsk is from Pittsburg, and Don Cab is from Chicago

xvegeedgex 2/1/2007 9:53:50 PM

i think the last band should be what comes out of my ass.

grimes 2/1/2007 11:02:30 PM

Of all the awesome relapse bands, they pick these sacks of shit? hahaha

fsovercrooks 2/2/2007 1:00:40 AM


devilondemand 2/2/2007 4:36:54 AM

Gadget. For jokes.

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