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Pig Destroyer recording new album

Pig Destroyer has begun recording their new full-length album for Relapse Records, titled "Phantom Limb." Pig Destroyer are currently recording "Phantom Limb" at Omega Studios (Bad Brains) in Rockville, MD. "Phantom Limb" will feature fourteen new songs with artwork by John Baizley (Baroness, Torche). Advance song titles include: "Cemetery Road," "Rotten Yellow," "Jupiter's Eye," "Heathen Temple" and "The Machete Twins." Pig Destroyer vocalist JR Hayes comments on the recording: "We're recording to 2-inch analog tape, which is really exciting. The drums sound huge, and the guitar tones are really nasty and aggressive. Brian's been on top of his game all year, busting out easily the fastest blast beats I've ever seen him play. As usual, Scott's written a whole arsenal of scalding riffs, but I feel like he really outdid himself with the arrangements on this record. The songs feel great and we've been having a load of fun playing them for the last five months. It's the 14 most deranged metal songs we could make up, so get ready to sink your f*cking teeth in." Guitarist Scott Hull adds; "We're excited about 'Phantom Limb' because it all seems to be coming together in a much different way than our past discs. We set the date for the studio, then we fired up the muse to write the material. The process has became much faster, more focused, and with all the energy intact and sharpened. It has also been a hugely positive experience to be able to just be the guitarist, rather than the guy behind the button as well. Just wait until you hear it." Additionally, Pig Destroyer have recently made their long-standing trio a quartet with the addition of Blake Harrison (Triac) to the fold.

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