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Integrity tribute finalized

Escapist Records has announced the final tracklisting and artwork for the upcoming Integrity tribute release, "Harder They Fall: A Tribute To Integrity." The album will be mastered at New Alliance East (Cave In, Keelhaul, On The Might Of Princes) and features original artwork by Raf Wechterowicz (Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor, Shipwreck) and layout by Dead Horse Inc. (Hoods, Shattered Realm, Set Your Goals). The album will see a release in early January of 2007. Two tracks from the album are streaming on the Escapist Records Myspace page. Here is the tracklisting: Creepout (JAP) - Vocal Test On Our Own (FL) - Judgment Day Force Of Change (CA) - Seven Sermones Ad Mortuos Incarnate (NETH) - Tempest Rise And Fall (BEL) - Kingdom of Heaven Know The Score (FL) - Bringing It Back xEye Of Judgementx (NETH) - Armenian Persecution Die Young (TX) - ATF Assault Human Demise (NETH) - Psychological Warfare Damien Done (FL) - Eighteen Nothing Sacred (PA) - Sarin Your Mistake (TX) - Grace Of The Unholy Crowd Deterrent (OH) - No One Daymares (POL) - Darkness Alcatraz (CA) - Hollow Dance Floor Justice (FL) - Systems Overload Lie And Wait (TX) - Abraxas Annihilation On Thin Ice (UK) - The Screams The Phantom Pains (TX) - No Time For Sudden Glances These Days (CA) - Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow Evil Priest (NZ) - Jagged Visions Of My Destiny

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