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Victory Records signs The Warriors

California hardcore/metal/etc. band The Warriors has officially signed with Victory Records. The group will enter the studio this winter to record their Victory debut, slated for a May 29, 2007 release. The following statement has been issued by The Warriors: "At one point or another, everyone has had a friend who has pulled you out of a dark place; Someone who has believed and cared enough to provide you with new hope and encouragement. For us, Victory Records is that friend. Victory has released the most progressive and influential hardcore bands for nearly 2 decades (This FACT is undeniable), and we’re more than honored to carry the torch. Will this change the content of our records, musically or visually? Absolutely not. We are now and ever shall be dedicated to creating music that is both honest, progressive and most importantly “Hardcore”, as we have come to define it for ourselves. Our love and dedication for what we do will only be amplified by this new friendship. So from Cause For Alarm, Warzone, Snapcase to Comeback Kid, the Victory hardcore legacy continues. Our friends at Eulogy Recordings will forever remain friends. We will never forget their efforts and generosity. Eulogy gave us life, now Victory will ensure our survival as a band. From this point on any future Warriors records will proudly bare the mark of the Bull Dog. Above all we would like to thank anyone who has invested even an ounce of support for our band in the past 5 years."

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