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Eighteen Visions news & notes

The upcoming Eighteen Visions anthology album is currently at the pressing plant and should be hitting stores on June 12th. The release features 11 tracks, both old and new. The band will be touring form most of the summer so even those of your in the East will have a chance to see the band. Here's the tracklisting for the album:
  1. Motionless And White
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. The Psychotic Thought
  4. An Old Wyoming Song
  5. Slipping Through The Hands Of God
  6. Diana Gone Wrong
  7. Raping. Laughing. Tasting. Temptation.
  8. Five O Six AM Three/Fifteen
  9. Life’s Blood
  10. Isola In The Rain
  11. Dead Rose

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