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Hydra Head set to release new Xasthur album

Official press release (Hydra Head Records): As one of the most innovative black metal practitioners in the isolationist sub-underground, Xasthur has crafted some of the most mesmerizing and significant music of the last decade, regardless of genre. Subliminal Genocide wallows in its creator's well nourished acrimony and terminal disgust, fomenting a hellish vortex of shrill riffery, cavernous howls and psychedelic stormblasts that bears down on the psyche with primordial distress. With tremendous respect and admiration, Hydra Head Industries is proud to release the work of one of the underground black metal scene's most creative minds: Xasthur. For this september 12th release, we are working in association with Battle Kommand Records. The Illinois-based label has released an impressive stable of quality underground releases, including a Xasthur/Leviathan split. Though it began in 1995 and featured other members until 1999, Xasthur’s entire recorded cannon (5 full lengths, 5 split albums, including an appearance on Sunn O)))'s "Black One" ) is solely the work of one tremendously prolific artist: Malefic. His sonic palette is huge. The U.S. black metal scene is regarded by those in-the-know as tremendously progressive. Xasthur (along with Leviathan, Krieg, and Nachtmystium) is an American artist whose forays into lo-fi atmospherics, unique instrument and vocal textures, as well as exploratory song structures are heralded.

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