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Blacklisted drops off tour, guitarist ill

Blacklisted have dropped off their tour with Ignite and Set Your Goals due to some health issues with guitarist Tim Smith. Here's a statement from Blacklisted frontman, George Hirsch: "Our guitar player has been sick for the last few days. So Thursday on our way to Baltimore he decided to go into the emergency room at John Hopkins University and get checked out. After a few hours of waiting, blood tests, a potential heart attack scare, and an overnight stay, we have found out that Tim has some type of infection around his heart. He will be in the hospital until Monday trying to get some of the fluid around his heart relieved. After that he will probably be prescribed some type of medication that will help him through the rest of the sickness then return to perfect health... However with all that said, The doctors told Tim he should be in good health in no time. If all goes well we will be heading out to Dallas on June 13th to finish the rest of the Guns Up/Verse tour."

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