NewsMay 25, 2006 5:33 PM ET4,569 views

Fearless Records signs A Static Lullaby

Official press release: Fearless Records has signed veteran rock band A Static Lullaby. The band will be releasing their Fearless Records debut album on September 26, 2006. Listen to the band's new demos at their Myspace page. A Static Lullaby is made up of lead singer Joe Brown, singer/guitarist Dan Arnold, guitarist John Death, bassist Dane Poppin, and drummer Jarrod Alexander. The band's sound consists of intense distorted or screaming vocals countered with melodic singing. They are known for their heavy guitar lines and fast drums. Their music style is often very similar to bands like From Autumn To Ashes and Underoath. Singer Joe Brown said, "We [A Static Lullaby] have always been as passionate about our music as the people we choose to work with. We are extremely excited to announce Fearless Records as our new home. As well as both being equally ambitious, we are creatively on the same page. So, here's to a new year, new album and new family!"

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