NewsApril 24, 2006 10:59 PM ET6,878 views

Breather Resist becomes Young Widows

Breather Resist has essentially been put to bed and members of the band have started a new project called Young Widows. According to the band, "After recording we decided it would be unfair to keep the name Breather Resist due to the fact that the stuff we have written now is not Breather Resist... it's something else... You follow? So we have left the name behind and are now, Young Widows." The group has posted unmastered material from their upcoming Jade Tree Records release. In related news, former Breather Resist vocalist Steve Sindoni has started a band called Pusher. The band also features former Lickgoldensky drummer Eric McManus and will enter the studio with Chris Owens (of Lords) next month.

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