NewsMarch 23, 2001 10:42 AM ET3,012 views

Shadows Fall drops off Opeth tour

Shadows Fall has pulled out of their upcoming tour with Opeth and Amorphis to continue writing material and recording their second full-length for Century Media Records. The band still plans to perform at the New England and New Jersey Metal Fests in addition to finishing up their current tour with Amen and God Forbid. Here's a portion of a statement from vocalist Brian Fair: "We've been on the road so long and have come up with so many great ideas along the way that we felt we should take some time off to piece these songs together while they're still fresh and the momentum is still in our favor. We've been looking forward to sharing a stage with Opeth and Amorphis all year, but we just don't feel we have it in us to perform at the level we need to satisfy our fans and ourselves."

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