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Jade Tree Records signs Fucked Up

Official press release: Jade Tree Records is pleased to announce yet another addition to its ever growing roster; Toronto, Ontario's very own Fucked Up. Fucked Up will release its first full-length for Jade Tree, entitled Hidden World, in early Fall, with a preemptive single arriving in mid-Summer. Fucked Up have been honing their brand of vicious hardcore for roughly five years. Hailed as the "Second coming of hardcore" by Maximum Rock and Roll, not much is known about the origin of Fucked Up, but their reputation as a stalwart outfit in the hardcore/punk community has transformed Fucked Up into an enigmatic and essentially unconventional institution. The band, (consisting of Damian Abraham- vocals, Josh Zucker- guitar, Jonah Falco- drums, Sandy Miranda- bass, Michael Haliechuk- guitar) doesn't have a website, and their Myspace page was set up by a fan. Fucked Up's prolific discography includes 10 7"s, along with 3 12"s and a CD compilation of their many singles on Deranged Records. Fucked Up have also been praised in print by the likes of Punk Planet, Maximum Rock and Roll, Vice, Eye/Canada, Now/Canada, Razorcake, Chart, Under The Volcano and Thrasher. The band has shunned full-length releases in favor of two-song singles, championed anarchism and far-left art movements within their music, and even been accused of mind control and fascism by some of their detractors. Illegible liner notes, being attacked onstage during live performances, self-releasing records with 17 minute long title tracks; it's all in a day's work for the convoluted world of Fucked Up. Fucked Up's abrupt, confrontational brand of hardcore has been compared to the likes of Poison Idea, Negative Approach, The Cro-Mags and even Black Flag. Fucked Up's live element points all signs clearly in the same direction, with lead singer Damian Abraham often beating himself to a bloody pulp during the band's set. The band has shared the stage with The Gossip, D4, Hardskin, Terror, Bane and Comeback Kid, has completed two East Coast tours, one West Coast tour, and one European tour. (Though lead singer Damian Abraham chose to stay at home during the European tour, stating, "The prospect of sitting in a van with those dudes driving through some breakaway former Soviet republic made me sick to my stomach.") Fucked Up (complete with their lead singer) will also convene on a UK tour in mid-April, to promote the release of their latest single, Triumph of Life, on Vice Records UK. Hidden World, Fucked Up's first full-length release for Jade Tree, will be recorded at Signal to Noise Studios with Jon Drew (Brutal Knights, Career Suicide, Magneta Lane). The album marks a turning point for Fucked Up, transcending the boundaries of traditional hardcore with melody, aggression and expansive songwriting structures. Fucked Up taps into its collective influences, but in a hallenging way that's off the beaten path of current hardcore traditions. In a word, Fucked Up and Hidden World are dangerous in a time when hardcore has become predictable, stale and manufactured. MP3: Two Snakes

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