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Starkweather sign w/ Candlelight Records

Official press release: Candlelight Records today proudly confirms the worldwide signing of East Coast-based Starkweather. The band's new album, titled Croatoan, was produced by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy), Features artwork by renowned artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, Earth, Godflesh), and is scheduled for a May 2 American release date. Long regarded as one of the first bands to blend metal and hardcore, Starkweather are still an untapped band for the masses. They have been cited as influence to many of today's top selling bands and remain one of the most passionate and intense bands on stage. Metal Maniacs says on an early listen to Croatoan, "rare is a band who personify, quite accurately, agony and despair through tranquil yet devouring movements. One of underground metal's soon-to-be classics, hail Starkweather!" Formed in 1990, Starkweather have several out-of-print recordings to their credit including a limited self-titled seven-inch (Inner Rage Records, 1993), Crossbearer (Too Damn Hype, 1994), Into the Wire (Edison Recordings, 1995), the 1996 split seven-inch with Season to Risk (Supermodel Records), and participation on numerous compiliation albums. Croatoan, released in late 2005 on vinyl only (featuring exclusive artwork also from Paul Romano) via Hypertension Records, is the band's first new recording in over five years. Starkweather toured Europe for the first time in mid-2005, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, England, France and other countries. The band plans to visit again during the year. American dates are expected; details to be announced separately.

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