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Set Your Goals signs w/ Eulogy Recs

Official press release (Eulogy Recordings): We are happy to announce the addition of the San Francisco Bay Area's own Set Your Goals to the Eulogy roster! The band formed in early 2004 and immediately released their demo material as an EP on Straight On Records that summer. They have since spent a good chunk of their time extensively touring the U.S. with bands like the Warriors, Life Long Tragedy, Animosity, Turmoil, and Wait In Vain. Vocalist Jordan Brown had this to about the union: "You learn a lot when you choose to make something like this your full-time life, and Eulogy Recordings is the reason Set Your Goals made it out of this past year alive. John, Dave, Dan, and everyone at the label are among the very few people we've met in the "professional music world" who genuinely appreciate our music and understand where we are coming from with the songs we write and the words we sing. If you had asked me a couple years back about Eulogy and SYG working together, I would have completely shrugged off the idea. Then again, for the longest time, Matt, Mikey, and I had no intentions of Set Your Goals ever being anything more than a five song demo. Flash forward to 2006, and we've never been so proud to be a part of anything in our entire lives. There is so much more to be said about this whole thing and the events that have occurred over the past two years, but we'll save all that for the record." Keep a look out, because in the coming weeks we will be giving out more information on the re-release of the band's 2004 EP, a debut full-length release (scheduled for 2006), and details on their upcoming tour plans.

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