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The National Acrobat breaks up

Ok, it looks as if the rumor about The National Acrobat breaking up is true. A site visitor named Brian was kind enough to forward the message he received as a recipient on the National Acrobat mailing list. So here's the message in its entirety: "To all of you on this list who may care, and don't already know: The National Acrobat broke up this past weekend. One member unexpectedly quit the band and some others decided to no longer do the band or a different form of the band without him. We existed from late 1998 to early 2001, played 85 shows, toured most of the US and released 3 CDs and one 7". The last show we played was January 24, 2001 at BRYCC House in Louisville with Cave In and Christiansen. I'm sad, sorry, embarrassed and shocked that this has happened. I apologize to those of you that worked hard to support us, and thank those of you that cared. I realize we're just a little dot on the timeline of hardcore, so thanks for everything. I'm not 100% sure what everyone else's plans are, but Evan and I will be starting another band in the near future and we'll continue with many of the ideas Acrobat touched upon. Thanks, take care ---- Ryan Patterson"

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