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Remembering Never enter studio

Official press release: Remembering Never has just begun work on their next album to be titled "God Save Us" and will be released on Ferret Music in Feb 06. The Ft. Lauderdale based band made up of Mean Pete (vocals), Grease (guitar), Aldo (bass), Norm (guitar) and Danny (drums) are known for their sound incorporating chaotic hardcore, shards of melody and strong political and ethical lyrics. The band has sold over 35,000 copies of their previous album "Women & Children Die First," which they toured non-stop over the last two years to support with such groups as Terror, The Acacia Strain, Throwdown, Most Precious Blood, Eighteen Visions and many more. The group are locked in the studio with famed producer Zeuss in his Massachusetts based Planet Z studios for the next month. Known for his ability to create some of the loudest and fullest albums including work with Madball, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and Throwdown it was actually his work on Blood Has Been Shed's recent album that won over Remembering Never to working with him. The vocalist of Blood Has Been Shed is Howard Jones who also sings in a little band called Killswitch Engage and also manages Remembering Never. When asked about the new album, Mean Pete responded "Well everyone progresses, so there are definitely natural changes in the music over time, but it's Remembering Never. In the lyric department it's the most personal album I've ever written." That means furious things are in store as Remembering Never is at the fore of bringing the message back into hardcore. The album booklet for "Women And Children Die First" ends with the statement from Mean Pete: "Being in a hardcore band, it is my privilege and my responsibility to share ideas." From vegetarianism to environmentalism to the war, Remembering Never ambitiously tackles socio-political issues of all realms.

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