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Alexisonfire and Moneen to release split

Alexisonfire and Moneen were recently in the studio recording material for a split EP. Each band is contributing two new songs, while Alexisonfire will cover two Moneen songs, and Moneen will cover two Alexisonfire songs. The release will hit stores on November 22nd via Vagrant Records.


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notorious_dob 10/8/2005 6:48:26 PM

30th view first post

Strongarm 10/8/2005 8:11:33 PM

Now this is garbage...

hotaction 10/8/2005 8:14:33 PM

moneen is good. dont hate

wieders 10/8/2005 10:35:43 PM

yeah i like moneen

zero_x_potential 10/8/2005 10:40:27 PM

alexisonfire's first cd was decent. the second isn't so much.

Selvin 10/8/2005 11:40:23 PM

Good, buh old news.

emoxfag 10/9/2005 12:47:36 AM

alex is on fire will be butchering two moneen songs, while we'll her two alexonfiresongs made listenable by moneen. and seriously who does splits anymore. this isn't 1998 anymore kids. geesh.

heiks 10/9/2005 2:08:23 PM

i used to like AOF's 1st album, then their second album just made them sound exact same as every other screamo band in the world. emo kids eat your heart out.

Truant_69 10/10/2005 4:14:57 AM

What a stupid idea for a cd.

renegade 10/10/2005 11:17:07 AM

i dig both, cant wait to hear

SeveredinTwo 10/10/2005 5:37:30 PM

shatty band. shatty news.

bryan_final 10/10/2005 6:08:14 PM

moneen is an awesome band.and better dudes to boot.

fataaron 10/10/2005 11:42:13 PM

gayy fcking shit but hey atleast they're not aiden.

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