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Trustkill, Darren Doane form production company

Trustkill Records and famed video director Darren Doane have announced the formation of a new film production company. The company will be overseen by Doane and will make Trustkill the exclusive home to his work as well as launching an extensive range of DVD's. In addition to Doane's work, these DVD's will showcase independent directors in the music scene and their talents. The range of these DVD's will include feature films, documentaries, live shows, video magazines, serials and more. Doane has worked with an impressive list of top artists in the punk, hardcore, emo and heavy music scenes including The Deftones, AFI, Every Time I Die, Blink 182, Kyuss, Shadows Fall, It Dies Today and more. Like those bands, Doane rose from the independent music scene and is imbued with DIY ethics. Davey Havok of AFI comments "Doane loves this music and the bands. He spent time on the road with us, he's spent time on the road with a lot of bands. I think that allowed him to truly see what bands go through. All the cramped spaces and long drives." Commenting on his vision for the production company, the director comments "The independent music scene has lost its grassroots feel with zines as a means of spreading culture and ideas. However film has taken its place as there is now a vast underdeveloped resource of filmmakers around the country doing amazing work with no budget. I want to launch something that will be home for my work, but also a place where other filmmakers can get hope of getting their art out to the people. Basically I want to make an independent label for filmmakers." Doane also sees much more than an avenue to broadcast live music in this venture. Early in his career he invested his money and all his connections to create a feature film "GodMoney" which starred Rick Rodney of Strife as the main character and was a highly stylized piece of punk cinema. This film inspired aspiring filmmakers in the scene to create their own cinema, which led to series released through various labels since the mid 90's. Speaking on the partnership, Josh Grabelle, President of Trustkill Records offers "Doane is going to provide us with creative and stunning films. Trustkill, with our marketing, sales and promotion departments are going to be able to give it a good push. Most music DVD's are just treated as a miscellanous item by record labels and not given proper support, Darren and I see them as the future of music." Trustkill released the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival DVD last year, a release which is near gold status in the U.S. For example, Most Precious Blood were one of the first hardcore bands to tour South Africa. The shows were all packed and kids there didn't find out about the band through their records, but rather from Trustkill DVD's (Video Assault, Hellfest, etc). These DVD's are a precious commodity in places where popular bands rarely tour and offers them a chance to see bands that they otherwise never get the opportunity to see." Look for announcements on the inaugural wave of film projects from this new company shortly. "Doane was born to direct. When you work with him you know he's crazy enough to make the project happen. That's what you want in a director. When he calls, I know I'm already in." - Michael Madsen "His camera is his weapon, his guitar, his mic. When he gets behind it, get the Fuck out of his way." - Keith (Every Time I Die) "Hexagram is my favorite video of us. We've done quite a few videos that have never captured us fully, either we're not comfortable or trying to make us into something - we're hating it but still doing it. 'Hexagram' was cheap as hell to make and Doane just captured us. It's bombastic. It was fun." - Abe Cunningham (Deftones)

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