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Neuraxis album details

The new Neuraxis album, "Trilateral Progression," has been confirmed for a September 13th release date via Willowtip Records (Earache Records will handle the European release). The album features artwork by Mark Riddick, which can be viewed here. The track listing is as follows: 01. Introspect 02. Clarity 03. Thought Adjuster 04. Shatter The Wisdom 05. Monitoring The Mind 06. A Currative Struggle 07. Chamber Of Guardians 08. Caricature 09. Axioms 10. The Apex Meanwhile, Neuraxis plan to tour the U.S. and Canada this fall in support of the release.


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theGODDAMNawesome 7/16/2005 11:01:54 AM


zero_x_potential 7/16/2005 11:32:30 AM

omfg second wtf lol

scenepoints 7/16/2005 12:18:08 PM

fcking right. now we just need that new arsis ep too...

LetsGetSerious 7/16/2005 1:32:06 PM

willowtip is the best label in metal right now

deadwithfear 7/17/2005 12:49:52 PM

i agree with LetsGetSerious. i can't wait for this album.

SeveredInTwo 7/17/2005 6:39:48 PM


shaihulud2k1 7/17/2005 11:21:51 PM

yes, neuraxis fcking slays. awesome band.

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