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Huge Converge updates and new information

Jacob Bannon of Converge was kind enough to fill us in on the latest happenings over at the Converge camp. First, as you already know, Converge are working on their next Equal Vision full-length entitled Jane Doe. Here's what Jacob had to say about the new album: "Converge are currently in the studio recording the long awaited "Jane Doe" album. Currently clocking in at over 1 hour of music and over 11 songs, 'Jane Doe' has quickly become one of our favorite projects we have ever worked on. The songs are more dynamic than some of our previous efforts. This will be released by EVR sometime later his Spring. Derek Hess and myself are collaborating on the artwork on a variety of levels. All in all, I am really happy with the direction this has taken."

In related news, last month Converge also finished up work on their split album with Japan's Hellchild. The CD will be released by Howling Bull Japan and America. The release features one new song from each band, three live songs, and cover contributions (Converge recorded a version of Depeche Mode's "Clean" and Hellchild recorded a classic Bulldozer song). This CD also has a special package which was developed for the project. The release is currently being manufactured and will be available soon.

We've already told you about Converge's upcoming "The Long Road Home" DVD, but here's more detailed information from Jacob: "Seeing a huge problem with people selling unsolicited material, we have decided to release a DVD collection of donated video footage of a wide variety of Converge shows. To be released by Iodine Recordings (, this collection is being edited and constructed by a good friend of ours who's list of work includes quality collaborations with Tony and Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, End Of Days) among other accomplished film notables.'The Long Road Home' project will be CD priced and packaged so it will be readily available through all independant distributors in the U.S." There is currently no release date yet for the DVD.

Finally, here's a little extra info from Jacob regarding his side-project, Supermachiner: "Supermachiner is a project band I started with our longtime roadie and friend, Ryan Parker. We have a debut cd of material entitled "Rise Of The Great Machine" available though Undecided Records ( We are currently getting ready to enter the studio to record for two new full length releases. One to be released by Iodine Recordings, and one for Ferret Music. Other compilation and EP's are also planned. No release date has been given for these two releases."

There you go kids, now you know everything. Thanks Jacob.

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