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Alexisonfire replace drummer

Alexisonfire and drummer Jesse Ingelevics have officially parted ways. Here's a statement from the band: "Well, as you know, Jesse had to leave tour a while ago for personal reasons. Jesse was still in the band throughout the Much Music and message board rumours. Infact, he came with us to the Playstation promo and the Juno`s. That being said, he needed to be at home attending to his personal issues and we needed to move forward as a band. Over the past few months on the road, things just grew apart - things just happened. Life just takes a weird course sometimes. We still love Jesse and he is our friend. I know you're all looking for some specific, definitive moment when things came to a head, but sorry to say, it doesn't exist. Their was no dramatic fight, no drug problems, no major moments - none of that typical rock-bullshit. We started this band when we were in highschool. We spent our March breaks, long weekends and the occassional week off of school to tour. Over the last couple years, we shared amazing moments that have changed and shaped our lives. We have managed to do all this with our friends and families close by our sides and gained the most amazing fans in the world. We hit a point where a collective decission had to be made. As a band, and group of friends, it was the most difficult thing we've had to do so far. We felt really dissappointed that you had to experience the awkwardness on Much On Demand the other night. We really wanted to tell our fans, friends and family through our web-site, rather than that weird situation that was sprung on us at Much. For not letting you know first, we are sorry." Alexisonfire have subsequently replaced Ingelevics with former Jersey drummer Jordan Hastings. Meanwhile, the group is currently writing material for their next album.

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